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We Have a Pope (2011)

Habemus Papam

  • Release Date:

    Apr 06, 2012

  • Genre:


  • Stars:

    Michel Piccoli

Film Summary

In his latest comedy, We Have a Pope, Palme d'Or-winner Nanni Moretti (The Son's Room) joins forces with the great French actor Michel Piccoli (Contempt) to tell the story of Melville, a cardinal who suddenly finds himself elected as the next Pope. At the Vatican, following the demise of the Pope, the conclave to elect a new Pope settles on Cardinal Melville. But the people gathered in St Peter's Square wait in vain for the new Pope to come out on the balcony and salute the crowd. Never before in the spotlight and completely caught off guard, he panics as he's presented to the faithful in St. Peter's Square. After uttering a terrible howl of fear, the Cardinal refuses the office. To prevent a worldwide crisis, the Vatican calls in an unlikely psychiatrist who is neither religious or all that committed, played by Moretti, to find out what is wrong with the new Pope and come to a solution.

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Film Details


Nanni Moretti


Michel Piccoli, Jerzy Stuhr, Renato Scarpa, Nanni Moretti
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