Vehicle 19 (2013) film poster

Trailer No.1

Vehicle 19: Trailer #1

Vehicle 19 (2013)

  • Release Date:

    Jun 14, 2013

  • Genre:

    Action, Thriller

  • Stars:

    Paul Walker, Naima McLean, Gys de Villiers


Film Summary

A recently paroled man unwittingly picks up the wrong rental vehicle after a long flight. He soon realizes that he is the target of an entire police force that will use any means necessary to stop him and the tied-up female passenger he discovers in the trunk from getting to the courthouse to testify against their city's top-to-bottom corruption.

Film Details




Mukunda Michael Dewil


Mukunda Michael Dewil


Paul Walker, Naima McLean, Gys de Villiers , Leyla Haidarian, Tshepo Maseko, Andrian Mazive

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