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U2 3D (2008)

U2 Performing In Latin America During The Vertigo Tour In 2006

Film Summary

U2 3D movie synopsis: U2 3D is a 2008 3-D concert film featuring rock band U2 performing in Latin America during the Vertigo Tour in 2006. The film features 14 songs, including material taken from the Vertigo Tour's supporting album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. The film comprises a mix of concert footage and political and social statements made during the shows. It is the band's second feature film, following their 1988 rockumentary Rattle and Hum. Among several cinematic firsts, U2 3D was the first ever live-action digital 3-D film.

The project was created as an experiment with a new type of 3-D film technology pioneered by film producer Steve Schklair. After considering filming American football games in 3-D, the company decided to create a concert film with U2 as their subject. The band were hesitant to participate, but eventually decided to make the film mainly as a technological experiment rather than a profit-making venture. Latin America was the main shooting location, with seven concerts shot at various venues, and two concerts were shot in Australia. The film's complex setup involved shooting with up to 18 3-D cameras at once and capturing the footage digitally.

Box Office: U2 3D began its limited release in January 2008 in 61 theaters in the United States. The film grossed $964,315 during its opening weekend, averaging over $15,000 at each theater and ranking at number 20 at the box office. The film was widely released on February 22, 2008, screening in 686 theaters and ranking number 19 at the box office in the United States that weekend. The first week of the film's wide release was the highest-grossing week of its theatrical run, grossing $1,026,121, averaging $1,500 per theater.

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Catherine Owens, Mark Pellington
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