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The Romantics: Trailer #1

The Romantics (2010)

A Romantic Drama About Love, Destiny And Other Events You Just Can`t Plan For

  • Release Date:

    Sep 10, 2010

  • Genre:

    Romance, Drama

  • Stars:

    Katie Holmes

Film Summary

The Romantics movie synopsis: Over the course of one raucous night at a seaside wedding seven close friends, all members of a tight, eclectic college clique, reconvene to watch two of their own tie the knot. Laura (Katie Holmes) is maid of honor to Lila (Anna Paquin), her golden girl best friend. The two have long rivaled over the groom, Tom (Josh Duhamel). Friendships and alliances are tested and the love triangle comes to a head the night before the wedding, when the drunken friends frolic in the nearby surf and return to shore... without the groom. Based on the heralded novel by producer, novelist, director Galt Niederhoffer, THE ROMANTICS is a Zeitgeist love story and generational comedy that breathes new life into the genre and recaptures the camaraderie of youth.

Film Details


Galt Niederhoffer


Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel, Malin ?…kerman
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