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The Kids Grow Up (2009)

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The Kids Grow Up movie review: The Kids Grow Up is a wonderfully-edited film that doc­u­ments an important time in the life of Lucy Block, but more import­antly, it doc­u­ments a time of mat­ur­a­tion for her father. Lucy comes across throughout the film (even as a young child) as remark­ably self-assured and inde­pendent. We know that she will be fine at col­lege, and wherever she goes after that. But along with her father, we mourn her child­hood a little bit, knowing that she has to leave it behind. She doesn’t need the film to help her grow up, but we come to realize that it’s an important mile­stone for Doug. In mourning her childhood’s passing, he’s also mourning his own, but it helps him enter into a new phase of adult­hood. By the end, he’s even becoming more com­fort­able calling him­self grand­father to his stepson’s little boy. When I first heard the title of this film, I thought it was just an expres­sion that par­ents used when they spoke to each other. But I came to realize that in the case of Doug Block and his daughter Lucy, he was talking about two kids, his daughter and him­self. And it’s almost as much fun watching the father grow up as the little girl.


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