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The Hunter (2011)

Some Mysteries Should Never Be Solved

  • Release Date:

    Apr 06, 2012

  • Genre:


  • Stars:

    Willem Dafoe

Film Summary

The Hunter movie synopsis:  Martin, a skilled and ruthless mercenary, is hired by a biotech company to go to Tasmania and follow up on two sightings of the Tasmanian Tiger. The company  wants the tiger's tissue and organ samples. Martin arrives in Tasmania posing as a scientist, proceeds to set up base camp at a broken-down farmhouse, where he stays with a family whose father has gone missing. Usually a loner, Martin becomes increasingly close to the family; however, as his attachment to the family grows, Martin is led down a path of unforeseen dangers, complicating his deadly mission.

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Film Details


Daniel Nettheim


Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Frances O`Connor, Morgana Davies, Jacek Koman, Dan Wyllie
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