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The Elephant King (2006)

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    Oct 12, 2008

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Film Summary

The Elephant King movie synopsis: The Elephant King is a provocative and stirring story of two American brothers, Oliver and Jake Hunt, adrift in an exotic world they don't fully understand. When a domineering mother dispatches her young, introverted son Oliver off to Thailand to do everything he can to lure his reckless, older brother back home to the United States to face pending fraud charges, Oliver finds the intoxication of Thailand hard to resist--especially when it has a face as alluring as Lek's. As Oliver falls deeply in love for the first time, Jake slips deeper into despair, and the seams of their relationship begin to come undone. When the true extent of Jake's decadence and self-destruction is revealed to Oliver, he is forced to decide whether he will save his brother's life or his own.

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Seth Grossman
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