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The Act of Killing (2013)

A Story Of Killers Who Win, And The Society They Build

  • Release Date:

    Jul 19, 2013

  • Genre:


  • Stars:

    Haji Anif, Syamsul Arifin, Sakhyan Asmara


Film Summary

The Act of Killing is about killers who have won, and the sort of society they have built. Unlike ageing Nazis or Rwandan genocidaires, Anwar and his friends have not been forced by history to admit they participated in crimes against humanity. Instead, they have written their own triumphant history, becoming role models for millions of young paramilitaries. The Act of Killing is a journey into the memories and imaginations of the perpetrators, offering insight into the minds of mass killers. And The Act of Killing is a nightmarish vision of a frighteningly banal culture of impunity in which killers can joke about crimes against humanity on television chat shows, and celebrate moral disaster with the ease and grace of a soft shoe dance number.

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Joshua Oppenheimer


Haji Anif, Syamsul Arifin, Sakhyan Asmara, Anwar Congo, Jusuf Kalla, Herman Koto

Distributed by:

Drafthouse Films

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The Act of Killing

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