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The Accidental Husband: Trailer #1

The Accidental Husband (2009)

  • Release Date:

    Mar 27, 2009

  • Genre:

    Comedy, Romance

  • Stars:

    Uma Thurman

Film Summary

Emma Lloyd has made a career out of her sensible, mature and responsible approach to relationships. She has a hit radio talk show, an impending book deal, and a loving relationship with her fiancé, Richard, a conventional sort-which is precisely what Emma is drawn to. Then Emma finds out that she is already married to a man she's never met before, a result of a misguided prank that leaves her bewildered and very confused. Worse than that, her plans for the future are now threatened. With her wedding just around the corner, Emma must find the mystery man and obtain an annulment. Emma tracks down her accidental husband - Patrick, a charming and handsome neighborhood fireman, with a big secret...that he was behind the accidental marriage. Unable to fess up, Patrick goes along with the ruse pretending to be just as baffled as Emma. While at first their opposite approaches to life create much tension and chaos...

Film Details


Griffin Dunne


Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sam Shepard
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