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The A-Team: Trailer #1

The A-Team (2010)

A Group Of Iraq War Veterans Looks To Clear Their Name With The U.S. Military, Who Suspect The Four

  • Release Date:

    Jun 11, 2010

  • Genre:


  • Stars:

    Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper

Film Summary

980s TV action gets a reboot with this new version of The A-Team, which shifts the Vietnam vet backstory to a group of Iraq War vets who become mercenaries for hire. Joe Carnahan (Smokin' Aces) directs from a script by G.I. Joe's Skip Woods. Liam Neeson heads up the crew as Hannibal, the brains of the operation, with Bradley Cooper as Face, UFC star Quinton Rampage Jackson filling in for Mr. T as B.A. Baracus, and District 9's breakout star, Sharlto Copley, inheriting the unhinged role of Howling Mad Murdock. Jessica Biel also co-stars

Film Details


Joe Carnahan


Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Quinton Jackson, Sharlto Copley.
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