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Stuck in Love (2013)

A Story Of First Loves And Second Chances.

  • Release Date:

    Jul 05, 2013

  • Genre:

    Drama, Comedy

  • Stars:

    Logan Lerman, Kristen Bell, Lily Collins


Film Summary

Novelist Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear) has been struggling to keep it together since his wife Erica (Jennifer Connelly) left him for a younger man three years earlier. Instead of working on a new book, he obsesses about his ex, spies on her and her new husband while pretending to be jogging, and insists that their sixteen-year-old son, Rusty, set a place at the Thanksgiving table for Erica every year, even though she never comes. This Thanksgiving, their nineteen-year-old daughter Sam (Lily Collins) comes home from college with momentous news: her first novel has been accepted for publication. Bill is both thrilled, since he has been raising both his children to be writers since birth, and annoyed, since she wrote the book without any help from him. But when he suggests that Sam share her good news with Erica, she balks, refusing to have anything to do with the woman she believes betrayed her father.

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Josh Boone


Josh Boone


Logan Lerman, Kristen Bell, Lily Collins, Jennifer Connelly, Greg Kinnear, Stephen King, Liana Liberato

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