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Soul Men (2008)

  • Release Date:

    Nov 14, 0208

  • Genre:

    Comedy, Musical

  • Stars:

    Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac

Film Summary

Soul Men movie review: Nearly 30 years after going their separate ways, former soul singers Floyd (Bernie Mac) and Louis (Samuel L. Jackson) reunite to drive from California to New York to perform at a concert honoring their recently deceased frontman. The journey involves all sorts of bickering, crotch-smacking and lady-killing, plus a reunion with Cleo (Sharon Leal), who may be one of the guys’ daughter. Isaac Hayes also appears.

The buzz: There’s not much chatter about the movie, aside from people wondering about a “Soul Men” curse after the deaths of Mac and Hayes. We were very saddened by both, but considering this comes from the director of “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins” and the writers of “Man of the House,” it’s questionable if the film would be on anyone’s radar without the off-screen tragedies.

The verdict: This tale of old pros quickly turns into amateur hour, with comedic hijinks way, way below the sort of situations these two vets should have to deal with. (Examples: Accidentally firing a gun in a car and sleeping with a mother-daughter pair.) Mac and Jackson seem too angry when they’re jawing at each other to land on anything funny—“motherf***er” outnumbers all other words spoken 10-to-1—and much of the film winds up feeling bitter and sad, rather than a better-late-than-never opportunity to rejoice. Thank heaven for the musical performances, the only moments that find soul in this slop. Source: Metromix

Box Office: The film opened at #6 with $5,000,000 behind Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Changeling, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Role Models, and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (which Bernie Mac was also in). At the conclusion of its domestic theatrical run on February 5, 2009, the film's gross was $12,082,391.

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Film Details


Malcolm D. Lee


Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac, Sharon Leal, Sean Hayes, Jennifer Coolidge
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