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Safe (2012)

She Has The Code. He Is The Key.

Film Summary

Safe movie synopsis: A former elite agent Luke Wright (Jason Statham), who had been working on becoming a serious fighter, lives a numbing life of routine beatings and chump change...until the day he blows a rigged fight. Because the Russian Mafia wants to give an exemple, they kill his family, leaving Luke to wander the streets of New York, haunted by guilt, because he couldn't keep his loved ones safe. But when he witnesses a frightened 12-year-old Chinese girl, Mei, being hunted by the same gangsters who killed his family, Luke jumps into action...and straight into the heart of a deadly war. It's up to  Luke to rescue the girl and save the day.

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Film Details


Boaz Yakin


Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, Chris Sarandon, Anson Mount, James Hong, Reggie Lee
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