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Rio (2011)

1 Out Of Every 8 Americans Is Afraid Of Flying. Most Of Them Don`t Have Feathers.

Film Summary

Rio movie review:  Rio is the story of Blu a macaw of a rare species who is brought up as a pet in a small-town home in Minnesota. The worries that he might be the last of his kind   are expelled from Blu’s mind upon knowing about another one in his species in Brazil. It is a brave step he takes when he leave the perfect life he has to go for an unsure trip to the city of Rio de Janeiro. However he is overwhelmed upon meeting Jewel who is actually a female in his kind but the adventure has only began for him because he has many more things to learn about being a bird.

The voice behind the main role is Jesse Eisenberg who is for the first time in his career that he takes a go at the 3D animation movies and seeing the previews of the movies it seems that despite being a first timer he has done a pretty good performance. It is actually a matter that will be accepted heartily by his fans who would love to see him either on screen or off screen. Thus this will definitely be a nice surprise for them to see their favorite actor in a different light and this will undoubtedly lead to the uncovering of some of the hidden talents in this actor which will be welcomed buy the audience because of their originality and convincing nature.

The gorgeous actress Anne Hathaway who is particularly known for her beautiful smile in a very believable manner brings life to the character of Jewel the energetic and independent female Macaw. The star fame of The Princess Diaries is uncovering her talents of vocalization with Rio and she has found her niche for animation flicks as well and it can be expected that more and more offers will be made to her to come up with similar kinds of performances.

Rio is rich with scenic beauties in the lush  green tropical forests in the heart of Brazil and the touch of modern contemporary society are also depicted through the energetic filled scenes that capture the busy streets and surroundings of the city of Rio De Janeiro. Thus the movie has that perfect combination of visuals that mix modernity and natural environment in perfect harmony making the sight of this movie a tranquil and memorable one to be held for a while by the prospective audience.

Film Details


Carlos Saldanha


Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Leslie Mann
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