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Repo Men (2010)

When Remy (Jude Law) Fails To Keep Up On Payments For His Recent Heart Transplant, His Former Partne

  • Release Date:

    Mar 19, 2010

  • Genre:

    Thriller, Action

  • Stars:

    Jude Law, Forest Whitaker

Film Summary

Repo Men movie synopsis: Writers Eric Garcia and Garrett Lerner team with director Miguel Sapochnik to adapt Garcia's novel about a repo man named Remy whose body has been constructed almost entirely of artificial organs. When Remy (Jude Law) fails to keep up on payments for his recent heart transplant, his former partner vows to take back the organ by force if necessary. Meanwhile, Remy finds an unexpected ally in the form of his long-lost wife, Beth (Alice Braga), who has also been retrofitted with numerous artificial organs. Now, despite the fact that they haven't seen each other since Remy joined the army ten years ago, the desperate repo man and his sympathetic wife attempt a daring escape from a man who holds the lives of millions in the palm of his hands. Forest Whitaker and Liev Schreiber co-star.

Box Office: Repo Men opened at #4 in its debut weekend in North America with $6,126,170 in 2,521 theaters, averaging $2,430 per theater. The film eventually grossed $17,805,837 worldwide—$13,794,835 in North America and $4,011,002 in other territories.

Film Details


Miguel Sapochnik


Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Alice Braga, Liev Schreiber, Carice Van Houten
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