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Monogamy (2010)

  • Release Date:

    Mar 18, 2011

  • Genre:


  • Stars:

    Chris Messina, Rashida Jones, Meital Dohan

Film Summary

Monogamy movie synopsis: Thirtysomethings Theo (Chris Messina) and Nat (Rashida Jones) are engaged to be married. They live what seems to be on all counts a comfortable life of love, music, and laughter in their cozy Brooklyn apartment. But Theo is bored with his job as a wedding photographer—the generic backgrounds, the artificial posing, the stilted newlyweds—so he develops the unconventional side business “Gumshoot,” a service where clients hire him to secretly stalk them with his camera. When he is called out on a job to snap pics of an exhibitionist mystery woman (Meital Dohan), a simple gig develops into a voyeuristic obsession that forces Theo to confront uncomfortable truths about himself and his impending marriage.
Monogamy opens in theaters on March 18th, 2011.

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Film Details


Dana Adam Shapiro


Chris Messina, Rashida Jones, Meital Dohan, Zak Orth, Ivan Martin, Sarah Burns, Paul Diomede
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