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Letters to God (2010)

His Days Had Been Filled With Climbing Trees, Soccer Games, And Love From His Family.

  • Release Date:

    Apr 09, 2010

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  • Stars:

    Tanner Maguire, Robyn Lively, Maree Cheatham

Film Summary

Letters to God movie synopsis: His days had been filled with climbing trees, soccer games, and love from his family. Then one day, 9-year-old Tyler Doherty learned a new word-cancer. Brady McDaniels' life was spiraling out of control. The letter carrier had little reason to keep going, until one day he met young Tyler. The result is about what happens when a beleaguered postman must decide what to do with the prayer letters written by a boy stricken with cancer.
Letters to God is based on the true story of Tyler Doherty, who was played in the film by Tanner Maguire. Parts of the story are real, and others were fictionalized, such as the character of a drunken mailman named Brady McDaniels (Jeffrey Johnson)

Box Office: Letters to God released to theaters on April 9, 2010 in 897 theaters. It debuted #10 at the box office with $1,101,204.00 in its opening weekend. Similar to recent Christian film To Save a Life, Letters to God received strong box office results in smaller markets with a higher concentration of Christian moviegoers, including Charlotte, North Carolina, and Columbus, Ohio. Tracking for the film was highest among families and females. The film dropped 43% in its second weekend, $620,580, accumulating $2,020,830 in two weeks. It closed in June 2010 after grossing $2.85 million, falling just $150,000 short of its budget.

Film Details


David Nixon


Tanner Maguire, Robyn Lively, Maree Cheatham, Ralph Waite, Mandy Best
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