Hotel for Dogs (2009) film poster

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Hotel for Dogs: Trailer #1

Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Two Kids Secretly Take In Stray Dogs At A Vacant Hotel.

  • Release Date:

    Jan 16, 2009

  • Genre:


  • Stars:

    Emma Roberts, Jake Austin

Film Summary

Adapted from author Lois Duncan's 1971 children's book of the same name, director Thor Freudenthal's Hotel for Dogs follows two mischievous orphans as they attempt to hide dozens of stray dogs in an abandoned hotel. Disheartened by their new guardians' announcement that pets are strictly forbidden, 16-year-old Andi (Emma Roberts) and her younger brother, Bruce (Jake T. Austin), race to find a home for their loyal dog Friday. Fortunately for Friday, there's an abandoned hotel just around the corner, and Bruce possesses just the kind of mechanical smarts needed to transform the rundown inn into a four-star retreat for canines. For a while, Friday and his friends have it made, but when the neighbors start to get suspicious, Andi and Bruce resort to every trick in the book in order to prevent their secret from being discovered. Don Cheadle, Emma Roberts, and Lisa Kudrow star in a family-friendly film penned by screenwriter Jeff Lowell.

Film Details


Thor Freudenthal


Emma Roberts, Jake Austin, Don Cheadle, Johnny Simmons, Kyla Pratt
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