From Prada to Nada (2011) film poster

Trailer No.1

From Prada to Nada: Trailer #1

From Prada to Nada (2011)

Aka: Sense And Sensibilidad

  • Release Date:

    Jan 28, 2011

  • Genre:

    Romance, Comedy

  • Stars:

    Alexa Vega, April Bowlby

Film Summary

From Prada to Nada movie synopsis: Two sisters, one a young beauty who chooses passion over logic, the other a law student whose fixed moral compass keeps her from following her desires, are uprooted from their luxurious home when their father suddenly passes away. Out of money and out of options, the women move into their Great Aunt Aurelia's modest, but lively home in the Latino-centric Boyle Heights neighborhood where they find themselves thrown into a world that, despite their heritage, seems completely foreign. Over time, they discover the beauty of the culture they once fought so desperately to hide. And in the process they find the one thing that had eluded them: love.

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Film Details


Fina Torres


Alexa Vega, April Bowlby, Wilmer Valderrama, Camilla Belle, Kuno Becker
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