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Conviction (2010)

The Incredible True Story Of Betty Anne Waters

  • Release Date:

    Oct 15, 2010

  • Genre:

    Thriller, Drama

  • Stars:

    Hilary Swank,

Film Summary

Betty Ann Waters, tells how Betty Ann Waters (Hilary Swank), an unemployed single mother of two, saw her brother begin serving a life sentence in 1983 for murder and robbery. Convinced that he was innocent, she spent the next 12 years taking steps to earn a law degree. In 1995, she began focusing on her brother's case. Challenging the conviction with DNA evidence, she proved her brother's innocence, and Kenneth Waters walked out a free man in March 2001.

Film Details


Tony Goldwyn


Hilary Swank,, Sam Rockwell, Melissa Leo
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  • sevenup7
  • 2010-12-05 21:26:22
Oh my god! Conviction movie is awesome man! It is a great thriller drama that I enjoyed a lot. If you desire to experience breathtaking thriller, then must watch Conviction movie.