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Cassandra's Dream (2007)

A Powerful And Thrilling Story About Two Brothers Who Are Desperate To Better Their Troubled Lives.

  • Release Date:

    Jan 18, 2008

  • Genre:

    Drama, Crime

  • Stars:

    Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor

Film Summary

Cassandra`s Dream movie synopsis: British brothers Terry (Colin Farrell) and Ian (Ewan McGregor) who live in South London, were raised by a weak father (John Benfield) who runs a restaurant, and a strong mother (Clare Higgins) who taught her sons to look up to their uncle Howard (Tom Wilkinson), a successful businessman.
Both brothers decide to buy a sailboat which they name Cassandra’s Dream, after the greyhound that won the race in which Terry won the money to buy the boat. Knowing nothing of Greek Mythology, they are unaware of the ominous antecedants of this name – the ancient prophetess Cassandra, whose prophesies of doom went unheeded by those around her.
After a day sailing with their current girlfriends and while driving back home in a borrowed Jaguar XK150, Ian crosses paths with beautiful actress Angela Stark (Hayley Atwell), with whom he falls in love.
The brothers’ financial difficulties — Terry has a gambling problem, while Ian wishes to invest in hotels in California to finance a new life with Angela — lead them to ask for Howard’s help. He agrees to help them, but asks for a favor in return: They must murder someone for him. He admits that he is about to go to jail because of accusations coming from Martin Burns, a business partner who plans to testify against him, and asks his two nephews if they can help to get rid of him. After initial reluctance, the two brothers agree.

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Film Details


Woody Allen


Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, Sally Hawkins, Tom Wilkinson
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