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Blind Date: An Estranged Couple Is Desperately Trying To Reconcile After The Tragic Death Of Their D

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    Aug 18, 2009

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Film Summary

Blind Date movie review: A man (Stanley Tucci, who also directed and co-wrote) and a woman (Patricia Clarkson) assume different personalities for a series of blind dates they hope will help them work through a personal tragedy.

The buzz: A remake of a 1996 film by Dutch director Theo van Gogh, who was murdered in 2004 for making a film critical of Islam. This is the second in a planned trilogy of remakes honoring the late director by exposing his work to a broader audience (the first, “Interview,” starred Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller).

The verdict: Tucci is a long way from his lovely directorial debut, “Big Night” (which he co-directed with Campbell Scott), with this self-indulgent bore. Clarkson has the ability to make any character interesting, but if there’s ever been a test of how enjoyable it is to watch a film just because she’s in it, this is it. As the blind dates gradually reveal the deep wounds at these characters' cores, the stage-bound movie emerges as a hollow gimmick. Tucci's uncertain tone, ranging from broad comedy to starkly depressing drama, only exacerbates the distance between the audience and characters constantly trying to reinvent themselves. By the time the couple engage in an encounter that takes the phrase “blind date” literally, the film has exhausted any goodwill Clarkson might inspire. Grating voiceover narration and a thoroughly bogus ending don’t help.


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