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Between Us (2012)

Four Friends. Two Couples. One Night They Will Never Forget.

  • Release Date:

    Jun 21, 2013

  • Genre:


  • Stars:

    Julia Stiles, Melissa George, Taye Diggs, Mara New


Film Summary

Some things are better kept private, even among the best of friends. This is a lesson that couples Grace and Carlo (Julia Stiles, Taye Diggs), and Sharyl and George (Melissa George, David Harbour) learn the hard way. Taking place over two evenings set several years apart, the couples’ friendship becomes undone during two nights of frank conversation about sex, money and religion. Confrontation erupts as they realize their lives have moved in irrevocably different directions. As each couple’s fractured relationship is revealed in front of the other, the collateral damage is an old friendship. Based on Joe Hurtua’s award winning play, Dan Mirvish’s film features wonderfully emotional and complicated performances from all four accomplished actors who learn why some things should be kept just Between Us.

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Dan Mirvish


Joe Hortua, Dan Mirvish


Julia Stiles, Melissa George, Taye Diggs, Mara New, David Harbour, Julia Cho, Robert S. Martin III

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