A Little Bit of Heaven (2011) film poster

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A Little Bit of Heaven: Trailer #1

A Little Bit of Heaven (2011)

Hold On To Love.

  • Release Date:

    May 04, 2012

  • Genre:

    Romance, Drama, Comedy

  • Stars:

    Kate Hudson, Gael Garcia Bernal

Film Summary

A Little Bit of Heaven synopsis: Kate Hudson is Marley, a young woman who was always afraid to enjoy life. When Marley found out that she is suffering from cancer and her days are numbered, she tells herself that nothing would make her feel worse. But when beautiful Julian (Gael Garcia Bernal) comes in her path and she falls in love with him, Marley realizes that a relationship can frighten her even worse than the disease!

Film Details


Nicole Kassell


Kate Hudson, Gael Garcia Bernal, Lucy Punch, Peter Dinklage, Kathy Bates, Whoopi Goldberg
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