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12 Rounds (2009)

Using Facial Recognition Software, They Scan Different People In The Street

  • Release Date:

    Mar 27, 2009

  • Genre:


  • Stars:

    John Cena

Film Summary

New Orleans. May 16, nighttime. A team of FBI agents, led by Special Agent George Aiken (Steve Harris) and Ray Santiago (Gonzalo Menendez), monitor a street for an international terrorist, named Miles Jackson (Aiden Gillen). Using facial recognition software, they scan different people in the street. Finally, they catch sight of him. Aiken, playing with a small yellow toy car, rattles off Miles' crimes - murder, bombings, even the decapitation of his own brother for messing up a mission. Aiken and Santiago speak to one of Miles' confederates, Samuel, who is reluctantly cooperating with them in exchange for his brother, Joshua's, release.

Meanwhile, Officer Danny Fisher (John Cena) and his girlfriend, Molly Porter (Ashley Scott), are at their recently-purchased home. Danny's on his way out and looks around for his badge, while surreptitiously sneaking his dog some noodles. After showing him where his badge is, Molly tells him to be safe. He goes out and sees his partner, Officer Hank Carver (Brian White), waiting for him in their squad car. They drive off. Danny and Hank, being best friends, talk about Danny moving in with Molly. Hank expects Danny to pop the question soon, but Danny laughs it off. They get a message from Dispatch to help the FBI out in their operation. Hank whines about them having to jump through hoops for the Feds, while the latter seldom help them out, case in point - Katrina relief.

The Feds see Miles calls Sam on his cell phone, but can't tap the line as Miles always uses encrypted phones. Sam reports that Miles' on his way; he's bringing the weapons and they'll be making an exchange. Aiken waits eagerly. Miles arrives at the meeting place in a cab and approaches Sam. He starts to talk business with Sam, but Sam says he can't do this and exposes the FBI's plan to arrest Miles. He then shoots Miles in the stomach and has his men drag Miles to the waiting van. He shouts out the FBI's cameras, after telling them to release his brother in exchange for Miles. Sam gets in the back with Miles and they drive off. Turns out Sam and Miles are working together and Miles was wearing Kevlar. Aiken finds out that the safehouse holding Sam's brother was attacked and two agents are dead and Joshua's escaped. Sam pays Miles for springing his brother. However, Miles stabs Sam to death, as he would have left him out to dry if his brother was still inside. They reach the next rendezvous, where Miles' girlfriend, Erica Kessen (Taylor Cole), waits. She's already killed the van driver and passenger. He shows her the briefcase Sam gave him - it's full of diamonds. They get in a car and drive away.

Danny and Hank, on their way to help the FBI, look at Miles' record. They see surveillance images and video - including one of him dancing with Erica. At a traffic light, Danny spots Erica in her car. He tells Hank to follow her car. They pull her over and Hank goes over to check her licence and registration. She flirts a bit with Hank, who flirts right back. Danny stands behind the car and tells her to pop the trunk. Just then, Miles springs out of the trunk and starts shooting at the officers, hitting Hank in the butt. Erica drives off. Danny checks up on Hank and then takes off on foot, in pursuit of the car. He runs through a lot of narrow alleys, through a house, on the road. He loses his gun, after an encounter with a dog. He sees Erica's car coming on the road towards him. He pushes a parked boat into their path and causes them to crash. Picking up Miles' gun, he holds it at him. Erica tries to run, but finds herself in the way of an oncoming SUV. She gets hit hard and dies. Miles is shocked and enraged. He tells Danny he'll remember him. As backup arrives, Danny holds him at bay, while saddened at the girl's death.

One year later, Danny and Hank, since promoted to detectives, blow off some steam at a pool parlor. Hank flirts with some girls and tells Danny that, in two days, it will be one whole year since they were promoted. Danny still feels bad about Erica's death. He leaves for home. At home, he wakes up in time for Molly to leave for her job as a nurse on the night-shift at University Hospital. He finds the bathroom floor covered with water, thanks to a broken pipe. Molly sits under it, just about giving up . She tells him that she called Phil, the plumber. Phil arrives and, seeing the mess, tells Danny that he should have got the pipe replaced two months earlier as he said he'd take care of. Danny confessed to Molly that he was trying to save money. She seems a bit upset, but he tells her to trust him. She says she does and leaves for work.

Just then, Danny gets a call on his cell phone. It's from Miles Jackson! He tells Danny that he's escaped from prison and is now back for some payback. He says that he's close. Danny grabs his badge and gun and runs outside the house, looking for Miles. Miles tells him that he killed his girlfriend, but Danny retorts that it was an accident. Suddenly, Danny's car and house (with poor Phil inside) explode, throwing Danny to the ground. After he recovers, he hears Miles tell him that it's their anniversary - the day that Danny got the better of him. Now he wants a rematch. The house, the car and Phil were Round 1. He tells him that he took the one thing that can never be replaced and, in return, will do the same. He challenges Danny to try and stop him. Danny hands his dog over to some neighbors and starts running towards the ferry station, where Molly is.

Molly gets on the ferry. Miles' henchman, Anthony Deluso (Travis Davis), approaches her and asks if he can use her cell phone to call his daughter. She obliges. He keeps the phone busy, preventing Danny from getting through. Miles watches from the other side, as he gets rid of his SIM card and puts a new one into his phone. Danny reaches the station a little too late. He tries to yell out to her, but is drowned out by the ferry. Seeing the ferry name, Thomas Jefferson (I think...), he commandeers a car and speeds off towards the other side. On his way over the bridge, he calls Hank and tells him that Miles Jackson escaped from prison and is trying to take Molly. He needs him to call the Department of Transportation and have the ferry stopped at the station, or he might lose Molly.

Reaching the station on the other side, he sprints inside and has the security personnel shut down the station. Hank and backup arrive, but it's too late - there's no sign of Molly. He tries her cell phone. Miles answers. He has Molly tied up in the back of his car. This was Round 2. The game is 12 Rounds. If, at the end of the 12 Rounds, Danny does all that Miles says and lives, he'll let Molly go

Film Details


Renny Harlin


John Cena, Ashley Scott, Brian J. White, Taylor Cole
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