Paramount Pictures has released a new clip for 'World War Z'

Paramount Pictures has let loose the first official clip from World War Z.

You won't find a single zombie here, nor any direct mention of the undead, but they're surely out there crawling all over each other and decimating cities. Instead, this clip takes place far out at sea on a Navy ship that's serving as a United Nations command center.

Amid the bustling activity of military folks dealing with apocalyptic happenings, Captain Mullenaro pitches UN investigator Gerry Lane to join a team of researchers searching for the origin of the zombie virus tearing humanity apart. Lane, played by Brad Pitt, is none too eager to leave his family, but Mullenaro, played by David Andrews, reminds him that the Lane family's presence on the ship is conditional upon his utility. So devoted family man Gerry will set out on a global quest in order to keep his family safe.

World War Z, in theaters on June 21st, is very loosely based on the bestseller by Max Brooks. His book is an oral history of the zombie war, a mock UN report consisting of individual stories from around the world, compiled after the almost-apocalypse has passed. So Gerry Lane and his race against time are both inventions of the film.


Source: iamRogue

Date: 2013-05-30