'White House Down' - theatrical trailer revealed

You know how it is. You're an aspiring but not-quite-qualified Secret Service Agent, and you take your precocious daughter with you to the White House for your big job interview. When all hell breaks loose and some heavily armed, highly coordinated bad guys assault 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it's up to you to pull a John McClane and save the day while getting into some buddy cop-style action hijinks with the President.

That's the idea behind White House Down, 2013's other action movie involving a hostage situation in Washington D.C. The new theatrical trailer lays it all out there, playing up the large-scale, bullet-spewing mayhem and the chemistry between leads Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx.

Tatum is John Cale, the would-be Secret Service Agent, and Foxx is James Sawyer, a President who loves his Jordans and isn't too good with a rocket launcher.

In March, Olympus Has Fallen proved that audiences are down to see Die Hard in the White House, but the Armageddon to that movie's Deep Impact has more of a blockbuster pedigree. For one thing, it's written by James Vanderbilt, who contributed significantly to The Amazing Spider-Man and next year's sequel. For another, more important, thing, it's directed by Roland Emmerich. With credits like Independence Day, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, and The Patriot, has demonstrated that he knows how to make big dumb movies just the way America likes them.




This new trailer is significantly more action-packed than the teaser unveiled back in March.

That one played up some conspiracy theory elements in the story, which apparently involves long-held executive secrets returning to bite the current Commander in Chief right in the ass. It also played the gravity of the situation.

This one, by contrast, suggests that White House Down is liberally sprinkled with some quippy comedy, mostly thanks to the pairing of Tatum and Foxx, who seem to delight in their back and forth between explosions and fisticuffs. It also shows off so, so much expensive looking action. But what else would you expect from a Roland Emmerich movie about the White House under attack?

Date: 2013-05-04