From what we can tell, White House Down is a deeply egalitarian summer action movie.

So it's only fitting that Channing Tatum's average joe shares the film's one sheet with Jamie Foxx as the President of these United States. 

Set for nationwide release on June 28th, White House Down is this year's second Die Hard in the White House picture.  Unlike March's Olympus Has Fallen, though, this one at least has the good sense to put its John McClane figure in an increasingly dirty white tank top.  Also, to make him an average guy.

Tatum stars as John Cale, whose idealistic dream is to be a Secret Service Agent.  He takes his daughter for a White House tour on the day of his big interview, at which he's humiliated for some bad grades back in the day.  When a group of bad guys take over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Cale is the only person resourceful enough to save the day, which he does by teaming up with President James Sawyer.

The theatrical trailer that premiered online yesterday made it abundantly clear that White House Down is a two-hander – almost a buddy cop adventure – between these two characters, with Cale and Sawyer forced together against overwhelming odds.  This allows them to not only partake in many a gunfight, but to also exchange many a quip.

It only makes sense, then, that both actors would strut their way through this new poster, which is here thanks to Yahoo! Movies.


Jason Clarke, who is currently filming a lead role in Dawn of the Planet of Apes, plays the villain in White House Down, but the promotional material has yet to pay much attention to him. Maggie Gyllenhaal, meanwhile, plays the head of the Secret Service. The supporting cast also includes Richard Jenkins, James Woods, Lance Reddick, Garcelle Beauvais, Jimmi Simpson, and Joey King.

Roland Emmerich, who so profitably vaporized the White House in Independence Day, returns from dabbling in Shakespeare conspiracies with Anonymous for another big dumb summer movie with White House Down.

He's working from a screenplay by Sony Pictures favorite James Vanderbilt, who wrote early drafts of The Amazing Spider-Man and next year's sequel. He also contributed to David Fincher's Zodiac and last year's Total Recall remake.

Date: 2013-05-04