Silver Samurai Gets His Own 'Wolverine ' Poster

aving made a big impression with the stylized The Wolverine posters showing Hugh Jackman's signature character represented in a simple Japanese style, 20th Century Fox has unveiled another poster in the same style.

This one depicts an opponent of Logan's that we've seen very little of so far: The Silver Samurai.

Will Yun Lee is playing the Samurai, also known as Kenuichi Harada.

In the Marvel Comics that serve as source material, Harada has the mutant ability to generate an energy field around any object, usually his sword, which can then slice through anything short of adamantium. Though Christopher McQuarrie's early drafts of this standalone X-Men story, Logan was apparently the only mutant in the entire story. That novel approach, so different from the usual overstuffing of X-movies, was changed by screenwriter Mark Bomback and director James Mangold.

So now fans finally get to see the Silver Samurai onscreen. The recently unveiled CinemaCon trailer for The Wolverine showed off our first, quick look at the silver armor. In the film, he appears to be a huge technological creation, more than twice as tall as Jackman. See for yourself in a screengrab from the trailer:



So with a clean look at the Samurai having made its way online, Mangold took to Twitter to reveal the below poster:



Source: imRogue

Date: 2013-05-06