Weekend Box Office: 'Monsters University' On Top

Among this weekend’s major players, everyone is a winner this morning. For the most part, this weekend basically consisted of America high-fiving a bunch of big movies. By which we mean to say that this was the biggest overall June weekend on record (not adjusted for inflation).

Disney's Monsters University is the weekend box-office winner, according to studio estimates released Sunday. The animated family film, which reunites stars Billy Crystal and John Goodman and their characters from the 2001 hit Monsters, Inc., debuted in first place with $82 million.

It's the second highest June animation opening ever (behind Pixar's Toy Story 3), the second highest June opening ever for Disney or Pixar.

Paramount's  World War Z, comes second and earned an estimated $66.0 million from 3,607 locations. That's the biggest opening of Pitt's career and a pleasant surprise for all involved. Many analysts have been chalking that surprise up to the popularity of zombies, but given that the marketing for World War Z virtually omitted the undead, that's unlikely. More likely that Brad Pitt and an of-the-moment apocalyptic thriller played to the current mood.

Warner Bros. Man of Steel was third at the box office, adding another $41.2 million to its coffers and bringing its domestic ticket sales over $210 million in just the second week of release.

The Sony comedy This Is the End, which stars Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill as versions of themselves trapped in a mansion during the apocalypse, finished in fourth place.

Summit Entertainment's magic-heist thriller Now You See Me held onto fifth place in its fourth week in theatres.


1. Monsters University
$82.0 million New Release
2. World War Z $66.0 million New Release
3. Man of Steel
$41.2 million $210.0 million
4. This Is the End  $13.0 million $57.7 million
5. Now You See Me $7.8 million $94.4 million
6. Fast and Furious 6
$4.7 million $228.4 million
7. The Internship $3.4 million $38.3 million
8. The Purge
$3.4 million $59.4 million
9. Star Trek Into Darkness $3.0 million $216.6 million
10. Iron Man 3
$2.1 million $403.1 million


Date: 2013-06-23