Four New Clips for 'Monsters University'

Four Monsters University clips debuted this days, and in it we see Mike and Sulley participating in a class on scaring.

In the first clip, the pair, who aren’t friends at this stage of the storyline, are standing next to one another in “Scaring 101″ class taught by Prof. Knight but have differing scare faces. Sulley puts on a pose that the teacher likes. Mike, on the other hand, can’t pull off a frightening look  (courtesy WSJ).

The second finds Sulley and Mike, voiced once again by John Goodman and Billy Crystal, engaging in a bit of slapstick with a little critter that's somehting like a big crossed with a goat. The 3rd gets fratty and features Nathan Fillion and Bobby Moynihan making big impressions. Finally, there's a peek inside the Oozma Kappa initiation process.

Check it all four lips below or here the trailers!





Date: 2013-06-03