'AFTER EARTH' First Clip Starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Sony Pictures has released the first clip from next month's science-fiction adventure After Earth, providing a new look at a father-son relationship between Will Smith and Jaden Smith that is a bit strained by circumstance.

This debut clip shows how all of the action is put into motion, as we see Will Smith’s Cypher Raige (I still can’t get over that character name) explaining to his son that in order to get to the plane’s distress beacon, he will have to travel a very long distance over an incredibly harsh terrain.



After Earth takes place a millennium after humanity is forced to abandon our home planet to instead live among the stars while Earth grows ever more wild and hostile to human life. The father and son at the center of the film are taking an interstellar bonding trip when something goes horribly awry and their spacecraft crashes on the surface of Earth. With the elder injured, his son must take the reins and save the day.

After Earth opens on May 31st.

Date: 2013-05-14